Do you know why the winter of 1812-1813 was special in Lithuania? A lot of snow? Or maybe a record thickness of ice? .. No! That winter, Napoleon and the Grand Army retreated from Moscow over Lithuania. On January 25th (Saturday) visit the Open-Air Museum of Lithuania – where you will have the opportunity to travel back 200 years to the past and experience the staging of historical events with your own eyes! Want to know more about the winter of 1812-1813?

 At that time, the last frozen and hungry remnants of Napoleon’s Grand Army, after an unsuccessful campaign, made their way to Russia through Lithuanian towns and villages. One of these units reached the museum in the town of Rumškės hoping to find a passage through the frozen Nemunas, but they were constantly attacked by General Platov’s Cossacks and regular Russian troops. Will they be able to withstand and successfully retreat towards France? Or will it be the final and decisive blow to the Grand Army? Can history be rewritten? .. Come and witness historical events!

11 AM-2 PM The Grand Army travels through villages;
2 PM-3 PM Battle in the Museum town between the Grand Army and the Russian Army;
3 PM-4 PM Opportunity to interact with members of the Military History Club-Reconstructionists who have restored the military uniform and armament of that time.

START OF THE EVENT: January 25 (Saturday) 2 PM in the museum town.

• Adults – 3 €
• Pupils, students, pensioners – 1,5 €
• Soc. eligible persons – 1,5 €
• Free for preschoolers.

ORGANIZERS: Military History Club “Fuzilierius” and Open-Air Museum of Lithuania. The event will be photographed, filmed and made public in accordance with the law. The organizer of the event is not responsible for the photographing, filming and distribution of photo and video material of natural persons.