When everyone will be looking forward to entering the New Year, we invite you to come to the Open-Air Museum of Lithuania! On fourth Christmas Day, December 28th, noon here will be the burning of Christmas Stump – you will have a unique opportunity to get rid of all the hardships and anger that has accumulated throughout the year and meet the New Year with light and abundance!

According to ancient Lithuanian customs, Blukis (a massive log or stump) is a sign of Christmas celebration. One person couldn’t move it in any way, so its towing brings the whole community together for a fun ritual! It was hoped that by striking the rod through the Christmas stump, it would be possible to transmit to it all guilt, iniquity, and anger, and when burned, all of this would burn, meanwhile, light and abundance would be released. The Christmas stump will be dragged across the Samogitian countryside, while participants of this feast will be visiting homestead yards, greeting their hosts, anticipating future winter weather, singing, dancing and joking and meanwhile everyone will be able to strike on Christmas stump. Finally, we will solemnly burn Christmas stump with all the hard feelings that lie in it! Let’s sing, dance, have fun and come together!

We encourage you to come to the Christmas stump burning and get rid of the hard feelings that have accumulated over the past year!

Date and time: 28th of December (Saturday) 12:00, in the Samogitian village.

Ticket price:

For adults – 3 €
Pupils, students, pensioners – 1,5 €
Eligible persons – 1 €
Free for preschoolers.
The event will be photographed, filmed and published following the law. The organizer of the event is not responsible for the photographing, filming and distribution of photo and video material of the individuals.