This Sunday is the last of June! On that occasion, we invite you to enjoy the summer in the museum and offer you a bouquet of entertainment:

  • Of course, visit the museum for free!
  • On the eve of the St. Peter and Paul feast, we especially invite all Peters and Pauls – the first one to arrive from 11 AM will receive a gift – cheese picnic on hay in Dzūkija village!
  • 11 AM – 2 PM in Dzūkija village we will continue to get to know to the customs of the St. John’s cycle. We will weave wreaths and get to know the meadows plants with museum curators Vida Olechnovičienė and Rasa Žumbakienė.
  • 1 PM – 3.30 PM the musical gate of the Barn Theater will open! The concert of Darius Žvirblis will take place here, masterful texts and an exceptional timbre will be heard. Ticket price – 4 €. You can buy them at the box office or the Barn Theater.⠀