In 2018 – 2019 The Lithuanian Open Air  Museum, in cooperation with the Restoration Center of the Kuldiga District (Latvia), implements the project financed by Interreg V-A Latvia-Lithuania Program 2014-2020.

INTERREG V-A LATVIA-LITHUANIA PROGRAM 2014-2020 project application assessors in 2017 December 21 Decision No 5-41 / 9957 was awarded a partial financing of the implementation of the project “DEVELOPMENT OF PUBLIC SERVICES FOR CULTURAL HERITAGE PRESERVATION” (development of public services for the preservation of cultural heritage).

The Project Financing Contract was signed  for the implementation of the project “Development of public services for cultural heritage preservation, DEVHERI, No: LLI-350”.

Implementing one of the four priorities of the INTERREG VA LATVIA-LITHUANIA Program 2014-2020 – improving the quality of life through the improvement of public services, this project aims to improve the quality of the Lithuanian Open Air Museum (LLBM) and the Kuldigas District Restoration Centre public services in the field of cultural heritage conservation.

In 2018 – 2019 repair for the restoration workshops of the Lithuanian Open Air Museum will be carried out by creating three permanent job places for museum workers – restorers and one workplace for those who are interested of saving cultural heritage that They own.

In order to increase the knowledge and skills of stakeholders working in this field, 3 international seminars and workshops (workshops) will be held in which up to 240 participants are expected to attend. During the study visit to Great Britain, the partners will discuss trends in the preservation of wooden cultural heritage in different countries. 5 video tutorials will also be prepared and recorded in order to ensure the ability to present traditional craftsmanship in a modern and visual way. This material will be published on the Internet and publicly accessible to any interested person.

Place of the project: Lithuanian Open Air Museum, L. Lekavičiaus g. 2, Rumsiskes, Kaišiadorys region

Project start date: May 2018

Project duration: 18 months.

Project partner: Kuldiga District (Latvia) Council Restoration Center, Restoration Center of Kuldiga, Pils iela 5, Kuldiga, LV-3301, Latvia

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The total value of the project, ERDF funding – EUR 207 893,07

Project publicity activities:

About the project activities and other information related to the implementation of the project, we present at the Museum’s website, updating the material at least once in a half of year.

Project Team:

The project manager –  Violeta Reipaitė, director of LLBM

The project financier – Elvyra Arbačiauskienė, LLBM Chief Accountant

The coordinator of the project’s training and publicity activities – Justina Jakštaitė, LLBM Cultural Projects Manager

Project Procurement Specialist – Rita Volkaite-Kilbauskiene, LLBM Public Procurement Specialist

Culture Project Manager

Justina Jakštaitė