In 2019-2020 together with Interfolk an Danish non-profit and non-governmental association and private research institute, The National Association of Adult Education in Art and Culture (MOF-DK), Vestvågøy is a municipality in Nordland county in Norway, Culturelab an independent, non-governmental organisation implementing project “Co-creative cooperation with culture volunteers and managers in progress”.

The project aim is to compile good practice and innovative approaches and develop curricula and in-service training packages for culture actors engaged in co-creative cooperation between voluntary culture associations, public culture institutions, and the culture departments of the municipalities.

We expect the project can help to promote a co-creative practice in the municipalities based on more equal terms, where citizens and other civil society actors are engaged not only as co-implementers, but also as co-initiators and co-designers of new welfare services, especially in the field of culture and leisure activities.

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