CHRISTMAS TREE STUMP BURNING 2018-12-29 13:00 in Rumšiškės

Date: 2018 December 29 Home 13:00
Address: Lithuanian Open Air Museum (L. Lekaviciaus St. 2, Rumšiškės)
Event information:
On December 29th, we invite you to burn down all the mischief accumulated during the year! From 13 o’clock Let’s wake up and burn a blow – to burn troubles and problems! We will sing, play, enjoy, and, if nature allows, will be all the fun in winter! You will not go – you will save your blog …
What Christmas tree stump burning.
Where? Lithuanian folk household museum (the beginning is in the museum town, burning in Karčema square)
When? December 29th (Saturday) from 13:00. till 15 o’clock
Where to buy tickets? Event day at the museum ticket office.
Further details: 8 346 47392.