People in masks going on the spree, baking pancakes, making hotchpotch, dancing, singing and playing games, fight of Lašininis (a Porker) and Kanapinis (a Hempen Man), burning of More (a symbol of winter evil)!



FEBRUARY 25, 2017 (Saturday!)

Open Air Museum of Lithuania (Rumšiškės)

Come on over to banish the winter and welcome the spring

by singing, raving and dancing till you drop!

10.00 AM.

Fair featuring variety of goods and tasty treats: come on over and enjoy the hustle and bustle of buying, selling, trading, bartering and negotiating!

Shrovetide contest: don‘t be lazy and take pictures around!*

Mask workshop: Train your hands to do it yourself! (at the Firefighters’ Shed)

“MALSENA” LIVE MUSEUM OF PANCAKES (at the Gondinga Homestead)

Shrovetide game for smart technology users**

“Bildukai” exhibition of Elektrėnai School of Art (at the Firefighters’ Shed)

Scavenger hunt game “FIND MASK”: found us in museum town square next to the building marked with sign “PRIZŲ ATSIĖMIMO TAŠKAS” to learn more about the game. Winner will be awarded with traditional wooden mask made by craftsman S. Tamulis.

 12.00 AM.

Folk groups and choirs spread mirth and cheer around:

Sutaras (of Vilnius), Auda (of Šiauliai), Šilas (of Kaunas), Goštauta (of Kaunas), Kupolė (of Kaunas), Čiutyta (of Kaišiadorys), Poringė (of Vilnius), Nalšia (of Vilnius), Spigėns (of Telšiai), Degulė (of Telšiai), Aidija (of Radviliškis), Šateikee (of Šateikiai), Vieversėlis (of Šiauliai), Žibinyčia (of Marijampolė), Verpeta (of Kaišiadorys), Žilvita, (of Kaišiadorys), Seklytėlė (of Utena), Pyniava (of Ukmergė), Folks (of Klaipėda), Auksa žovis (of Šiauliai), Nedėja (of Rumšiškės), Seliavytė (of Sudeikiai), „Spalgena“ (of Grigiškės), „Volungė“ (of Kietaviškės)

Hotchpotch (Lith. Šiupinynas): find it and get it! (at the Kartena Homestead)

Pancake tasting: till your stomach is harder than your forehead! (in the regions of Samogitia and Sudovia)

Tea tasting: served by the museum vagabonds 🙂 (in the region of Samogitia)

“The Shrovetide dolls” exhibition (in the town)

Interwar photo studio: come in and take a picture of yourself! (in the Town)

Pancake Mill Café: make a pancake – find a friend! (at the Mill)

Kaunas County Police: presentation (at the Mill)

Games: take your chance in all the contests! (in the regions of Sudovia and Samogitia)

Horse-back riding: for the lovers of the Žemaitukas (Samogitian horse breed)! (near the Town)

Horse-drawn carriages: give your feet a well-deserved rest! (in the region of Sudovia)

Shrovetide spells and superstitions: fortell the future! (in the region of Sudovia)

“EXTRA FM”: don‘t get cold, be active and get tea! (by the bridge)

Shrovetide wooden mask by Saulius Tamulis: come, witness and enjoy! (at the Roadside Inn)

12.30 PM. Lithuanian local sport – wrestling competition 2017

1.00 PM. “Tarp Dviejų Aušrų“ promo team presents “Girių Dvasios“ – an electronic music project inspired by nature and Lithuanian multipart songs. (in the region of Samogitia)

2.00 PM. Trained dogs: Animal Care Center „Nuaras“ presentation

3.30 PM.

The battle between Lašininis (the Porky) and Kanapinis (the Hempen Man) (at the Morė)

Three best folk group award ceremony (at the Morė)

4.00 PM. Burning of the Morė, personification of darkness and evil!

*Carnival Competition „Don‘t be lazy and take pictures around“ . Take pictures of Shrovetide and upload to facebook page of Open-Air Museum of Lithuania. Best picture will be awarded by main sponsor „Malsena“. So don‘t miss out! Voting will be held on March 10th 2017. Noted: pictures uploaded will regarded as property of Open-Air Museum of Lithuania.

 **Shrovetide game for smart technology users. Main sponsors „Malsena“and „Vilniaus duona“ can award you! You only need to take pictures in Open-Air Museum of Lithuania of: 1. Morė (a witch to be set on fire); 2. Cottages; 3. Horses; 4. Pancakes; 5. Folklore ensembles; 6. Friend‘s smiles; 7. Costumes. To present pictures and collect rewards you need to come to reward collection point located in town exposition of the museum till 3 PM.