The Open-Air Museum of Lithuania invites everyone to get together on the 24th of June and recall the old customs of the Bonfires of Saint John (Lith. Joninės). The celebration starts at 1 PM. Experience the ritualistic magic of water, plant gathering and sorcery! Divine the future by flowers and wreaths, pay respect to the fire, enjoy St. John’s greetings and try your luck on the St. John’s quiz! And, as it is bad manners to come to the Saint John’s festival empty-handed, Janė* will take care of everything! There will be a lot of dancing, singing along with the musical bands, playing, jumping over bonfires and horse-drawn carriage rides… Let’s celebrate the Bonfires of Saint John together!

*It is customary that all people by the name of Jonas or Janina (Janė) are honored at the Saint John’s festival with wreaths of oak leaves and flowers.