12 a. m. the little ones will stay busy at the Easter egg drawing and Easter kite flying contests. To top it all off, you will be invited to take part in the Easter quiz or try your hand at decorating Easter eggs using the hot wax or scraping techniques. Just don’t forget to bring the two most important things: Easter eggs and your good mood!

Entrance ticket


  • Adult – 4 EUR;
  • Schoolchild, student, senior citizen – 2 EUR;

Event day:

  • Adult – 5 EUR;
  • Schoolchild, student, senior citizen – 3 EUR;


Easter Festivities: Celebration of Joy and Spring

April 17, 2017

From 10.00 AM

Folk Art Fair and Foods

Wrist Warmer Exhibition by Danguolė Ragauskienė to Celebrate the Year of Folk Costume (in the Town, Kaunas House display window)

Happy Easter! Easter Table Exhibition (in the Highlands (Aukštaitija) region, at the Kirdeikiai and Gyvakarai homesteads; in the Samogitia (Žemaitija) region, at the Darbėnai and Gintališkės homesteads; in the Dzūkija (Dainava) region, at the Rudamina homestead, in the Sudovia (Suvalkija) region, at the Obelinė homestead)

Exhibition of Traditional Easter Palms and Vilnius Region Easter Palms (near the main gates)

Easter Egg Attic: Exhibition by Angelė and Vytautas Rauktys (at the Roadside Inn)

From 12.00 PM

Ending the Lent

Easter Gifts (at the Roadside Inn)

Traditional Easter Carols and Caroling

Easter Egg Rolling with Sticks (in the Samogitia (Žemaitija) region, at the Gintališkės homestead)

Herd the Pig to the Manor: Easter Game (in the Samogitia (Žemaitija) region, at the Darbėnai homestead)

Gigantic Easter Egg Rolling (at the Mill)

Easter Basketball (in the Town)

Easter Egg Carrying over a Log (in the Sudovia (Suvalkija) region)

Ripka (Ritinis) Team Game (in the Samogitia (Žemaitija) region, at the Inn Square)

Egg Roulette for the Most Daring (in the Town)

Wax-Resist Egg Dyeing Techniques (in the Town)

Horse-Drawn Carriages Rides (near the Sudovia (Suvalkija) region)

Horseback riding (near the Town)

Easter Kite Workshop (in the Town)

Take a Snapshot and Become an Easter Egg!

Create Your Own Easter Coin! (in the Town)

Easter Quiz (in the Sudovia (Suvalkija) region)

Easter Photography Studio (in the Town, at the Wholesaler’s)

From 1.00 PM

Easter Festivities at the Homesteads with folk bands: Verpeta (Kaišiadorys), Liktužė (Kaunas), Bitula (Kaunas), Sutaras (Vilnius), Goštauta (Kaunas), Šilas (Sargėnai), Žaisa (Kaunas)

Decorating Easter Eggs (in the Town)

Dye Your Easter Egg (in the Samogitia (Žemaitija) region, at the Inpiltis Homestead)

Easter Egg Competition: which is the most beautiful, the smallest, the largest, etc. (in the Town)

2.00 PM

A Kitchen Story: Fairytale and Play for Children by the New Puppet Theatre (at the Gondinga homestead)

3.00 PM

Courageous Melisa: Educational Story for Children by the New Theatre (at the Gondinga homestead)

3.30 PM

Closing celebration: Award Ceremony to Competition and Game Winners, Easter Witchcraft (in the Town)

Kite Flying (in the Town)

Don’t forget to wear a smile and bring some Easter eggs: we have many prizes for the owners of the most beautiful Easter eggs!

They say, if you oversleep on Easter, you will have the worst headache in your life!

So come to the Open Air Museum of Lithuania instead and let the fun begin from 12 PM!